Square Hue January 2015 Decades collection review.

Square hue
Square Hue January 2015 box

Square Hue is a subscription box that sends out 3 new, on-trend nail polishes each month. The cost of the box is $19.99 total, with shipping in mind. Right now they are doing the “Decades Collection.” All year they will have a new decade each month. This month is the 1900 collection!

As you can see, everything is packaged nicely in a small box. It is sent first-class mail, so I didn’t have to wait a decade to get the box, unlike some boxes I won’t name, that use FedEx Smartpost.

Gibson Girl, First Flight, Victorian End

The polishes represent the decade very well. My favorite this month was First Flight, the center polish. It really does remind me of an airplane, which is pretty awesome. I also really like Gibson Girl. I’m going to do a walk of shame, because I didn’t even know what a Gibson girl was until asked Google. *pout*

A gibson girl.
A gibson girl.

First Flight and Gibson Girl are creams. First Flight goes on like a dream, but I found Gibson Girl to be rather streaky and took 2 coats. Victorian End also took 2 coats, but it was much less streaky.

Swatches - Purple: Victorian End, Grey: First Flight, Pink: Gibson Girl
Swatches – Purple: Victorian End, Grey: First Flight, Pink: Gibson Girl

Overall, I think the polishes are pretty good quality! I got 3 days without chips from both First Flight and Gibson Girl.

The polishes are over double the size of Julep and I actually like these little square bottles better. I think they are super cute. They also have the date stamped onto the bottom. The price is $4 less than Julep, so you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck!

This was my first box and I will be staying for next month. I do wonder what the 1910’s will bring!

This box was paid for by Tako.


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