Graze Subscription Box Review

Current graze box!
Current graze box!

Graze is a subscription snack box. They send out 4 individually portioned snacks. You can pick to get the snacks every week, every two weeks, or once per month. I get the snacks every week because I love them! If you use a referral code, you get your 1st and 5th boxes for free. If you need a referral code, I’d appreciate if you’d use mine: DARRIN6PP

My Weekly Graze Snacks
My Weekly Graze Snacks

I always love my snacks, but I thought the assortment this week was particularly good!

  • Mocha Walnut Cake
  • Fruit & Seed Flapjack
  • Jelly Doughnut
  • Spicy Sriacha Peas
Graze Mocha Walnut Cake
Graze Mocha Walnut Cake

I am most excited for the Mocha Walnut Cake!

What I love most about Graze – the snacks are tasty and pretty healthy. I don’t have to think ahead about snacks to pack in my lunches because I get 4 snacks per week. Shipping is fast and they always charge on the same day. Calorie counts are always listed in the box and everything is super fresh.

What I don’t like – They have raised the price a couple of times. I use to get the boxes for $5. So, as  they raise the prices, the box becomes less appealing. At the current price, I still love it, but I don’t think I’d love it if it is raised again. The snacks aren’t quite as tasty as Nibblr, but they are much healthier!

Overall~ If you love to snack as I do, subscribe to Graze, or at least try out the first free box. I love snacking, so this sub is a no-brainer for me. I’ve been getting the snacks for over a year now and I still think they are fantastic!

disclaimer: this post contains a referral code, but I paid for this box myself!


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