Japan Gift Bay Mini Hail #1~

japan gift bay 1

I found Japan Gift Bay while searching for an easy way to get the Pure Smile Snail lip treatments that everyone in the Memebox world raves about! If you’ve never heard of the site, they sell Japanese beauty products and are located in Japan. I know there are a lot of Hong Kong based Japanese beauty sites, but this one appealed to me because it is actually in Japan.

Above is the shipping envelope. Nothing too exciting! I was able to get two lip balms shipped airmail. The airmail shipping charge was only $3.90 for them. I think this is pretty darn reasonable! So, the shipping is great. I ordered it on the 14th. Shipped on the 15th. Got them on the 21st!! I think this is a new record for international shipping to me…

Pretties for the lips!
Pretties for the lips!

I purchased Canmake Lip Plumer and Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment in chocolate!

canmake lip plumperCanmake lip plumper looks pinkish when coming out of the tube, but it goes on glossy and clear. I didn’t notice any tint. It does tingle a tiny bit, but the lip plumping effects are dubious. However, it is super moisturizing! It did amazing things to my lips, so I am very pleased with this product.

Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment - Chocolate
Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment – Chocolate

The Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment comes in a super cute package! I picked the chocolate flavor because, well, chocolate. It is clear, but it has an amazing chocolate scent! I love that because while I’m wearing it, I smell chocolate. Though, it does make me want some chocolate! >__< It is even more moisturizing than the Canmake stuff. It just weirds me out a bit because of the snail thing, but hey, I’ll use it if it heals my crummy lips! The only thing is it feels strange on. I’m not sure how to describe it. It just feels kinda heavy, so I think I may only wear this at night. But it is fantastic!

So there it is! 😀 My very small haul! But I do recommend this store and I will be shopping there again really soon!


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