Memebox Cutie Pie Marzia 4 Review

memebox cutie pie marzia 4sI have not bought a Memebox in a really long time, but for some reason, I actually liked how the contents of the Cutie Pie Marzia 4 box looked. Shocking, I know! But for some reason these products had to be mine. o.o I just got it today, and thankfully, I like everything in the box! So, it was worth the purchase! I think it was a good day to get my last box; the last day Memebox Global will be open. I hope great things will come in the US shop, but I am doubtful. XD

Opened Cutie Pie Marzia 4 box... why were there 4 of these?
Opened Cutie Pie Marzia 4 box… why were there 4 of these?

The box, when opened and things tossed around a bit, looked nice and full! :3 Ah, that made me happy and reminded me of early Memeboxes where the box was actually full instead of being packed in the bottom with tissue paper. XD No filler here!

Shara Shara Honey All-in-One Cream
Shara Shara Honey All-in-One Cream

Shara Shara Banana Honey All-In-One Cream, 200ml, $13

Everyone really hates on Shara Shara, but I actually am probably the only person in the universe who loves Shara Shara. :3 I tried this cream and it seems like a run-of-the-mill all-on-one moisturizing cream… except it REALLY DOES smell like bananas so I AM IN LOVE. Seriously, the scent is AH-MAZING! I would say go and buy it just for the scent. If you love banana scent, you need this in your life. I mean it! I’m going to start using it tonight. That is how much I love the scent. XD

SharaShara Natural Shining BB Cream
SharaShara Natural Shining BB Cream

SharaShara Natural Shining BB Cream 40g – $28

Okay, I would never pay $28 for this tiny tube of BB cream, especially because it is comparable to Skin 79 Diamond Prestige, which isn’t very expensive. It has almost the same texture and grey cast of that BB cream. I would say it is a dupe. XD The picture is cute, but I like the Skin 79 packaging better. D: So, I would recommend that one instead! It really does do about the same thing, though. If you don’t like grey cast bb cream, you’d probably hate this, and the other one.

vivito painting singgle shadow shimmerVivito Painting Single Shadow Shimmer x2, $7 (each?)

These are actually cute little eyeshadows with a decent amount of pigment! I got Shy Pink and Coco Brown, which blend lovely together. I am surprised. I’ve never gotten decent eyeshadow from Memebox, so I am super happy. Much wow.

much shadow
much shadow

As you can see, not too bad! :3 Perfect amount of shimmer for me!

Amini Bath Bomb and Inoface Modeling Cup
Amini Bath Bomb and Inoface Modeling Cup

Amini Relaxing Bath Bomb – Lavender – 120g – $10

Would never pay $10 for this bath bomb, especially when there are tons on Etsy for maybe $4, but it was still a lovely thing to get in cute packaging!

Inoface Modeling Cup Pack – 15g – $4

I got boring Chlorella. I was hoping for peppermint! but the little cup is cute so I’m happy. :3 Hopefully this one won’t look like vomit like the one I got from Tester Korea.

Not much excitement, but useable!
Not much excitement, but useable!

AHC Private Real Eye Cream – 30ml – $64

Not too exciting for me, because eye creams aren’t exciting to me, but here, an eye cream! It’s support to help with dark circles, so I’m gonna try it out. It says it is good for all over the face, but uh, wouldn’t that be any eye cream? I’m the type that sees eye creams as being kinda gimmicky, so whatevs. XD

Lassie’el Juicy Strawberry Facial Mask x3, $12

These masks look really gooey in the package. o.o I think it’ll be a mess when I use them, but we’ll see! I love strawberry anything, and masks, so I am happy to have these!

Overall, I think this was a very solid box, concidering the previous Cutie Pie boxes looked pretty bad to me. 😀 It was a nice little goodbye to Memebox Global as well. Oh, Memebox, I will miss you so much.


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