Yumvelope February 2015 Review and unboxing

February 2015 Yumvelope
February 2015 Yumvelope

Yumvelope is a subscription service that sends out “healthier” snacks made with less processed ingredients. I say “less” because everything in a box is still processed, obviously, but this stuff just has things on the ingredient label that you can pronounce, which is always a plus!

For $21, you get a variety of unique and delicious snacks! Most of the stuff you cannot really find locally, unless you go to someplace fancy like Whole Foods – and even then, you might not find it. It’s a lot of fun to get this box! 😀 Though, I think Yum-o-Box would be a better name for the sub, since it no longer comes in an envelope. 😦

Alter Ego Truffles
Alter Ego Truffles

Alter Ego Truffles – Assorted box – Aw, yes, truffles. I will never complain about getting a box of truffles. These are also very tasty! I tried the sea salt truffles and I am certainly pleased with them! They might not be as good as Godiva, but they are mighty tasty. :3 Plus, USDA Organic!

More delicious
More delicious

Ellas Heavenly Hunks – Original Oatmeal – Ugh, these were too good. So good that I need more of them. So buttery tasting and just, wow. If you like oatmeal cookies, you’d like these. :3

Goodlife Granola – I have not tried this yet, but the enclosed card said that this is a Yumvelope subscriber favorite, so I am looking forward to it! It does look mighty good! The only thing I don’t like about granola is that while it is healthy, I could eat an entire bag at once, which kinda negates everything healthy about it. :/

More delicious~
More delicious~

Mayesa Cacao Mint and Mixed Berry – I have had these before and I LOVED them. I’m really happy to see two more flavors for me to try! The taste is so rich and smooth and really impressive for a healthy drink.

Amrita Energy Bars – I am a nursing student, so anything I can just stuff in my bag and eat later in the day is appreciated! I am looking forward to trying these bars!

So, I am very happy with this Yumvelope shipment! I’ll eat everything – but then again, I’m not exactly picky, so if I say I’ll eat everything, it really doesn’t mean much. Even so, everything looks super delicious! I enjoyed this box a great deal and will stay subscribed for next month!

disclaimer: I paid for this box myself, no referral links


One thought on “Yumvelope February 2015 Review and unboxing

  1. Beeju February 15, 2015 / 4:16 pm

    Those truffles…. I need them.


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