Alpha Beauty UK Store Haul/Review

My two packages. Note the very noticeable photo shopping to remove shipping address. :p
My two packages. Note the very noticeable photo shopping to remove shipping address. :p

AlphaBeautyUK is an eBay seller based in Hong Kong who sells a lot of neat Japanese things, like Dolly Wing and Heroine Make. Even though they are based in Kong Kong, the products they offer are legit and not fakes. I know that is a major concern when shopping eBay for import beauty products. 😦

They ship first-class international, so shipping is quite fast and shipping numbers are provided! I placed one order, but for some reason, it came in two packages.

Good packaging.
Good packaging.

They use tons of bubble wrap, so items are pretty protected during transit!

Everything in good shape!
Everything in good shape!

As you can see, everything got to me in good shape! πŸ˜€ They carry interesting brands and items!

Here is what I bought, with links (none are referral links):

SaraFit – This is a brand of watery sunscreen essence from Rohto Japan. I’ve known for a long time the best aging prevention for the skin is sunscreen, but implementing it has been another thing. I don’t like most sunscreens, but this one is absolutely amazing. It is watery, non-whitening and feels like a skincare essence. :3 It actually makes my makeup go on more smooth! I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it.

Shiseido Japan Water In Lip Lip Cream (Sakura) – This is a pretty generic lip balm. I bought it because of the packaging, but it is nothing special. It isn’t even as good as Chap Stick in the US. Oh well. We can’t win them all! D:

Rhoto Lychee Eye Drops – These are absolutely amazing and also super cute. I always hate using my husband’s super cooling Rhoto eye drops, so I bought these Lychee ones for myself because the bottle and the pink liquid. These are just as good as the other Rhoto eye drops, but they don’t burn my eyes, so I like them a lot.

Japan fuwarinka Beauty Collagen Rose Water – Oh my days. This is so good. This stuff has a very unique flavor and is absolutely fantastic. I thought it was going to taste weird, but it is sweet, kinda floral, and highly addictive. The only problem is it is kinda expensive so I cannot really drink it regularly. It is lovely to just sip on and I highly recommend trying it out at least once. The most unique drink mix I’ve ever had. If you’re wondering how to use it, just mix one stick with a standard bottle of water.

Overall, AlphaBeautyUK is a great seller! πŸ˜€ If you’re looking for something quirky, I’d recommend checking the store out. The prices are pretty good and the shipping time is quite fast. I got my package about 2 weeks after ordering.


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