Something Snacks March 2015 Review and box content spoilers

Something Snacks March 2015
Something Snacks March 2015

Something Snacks is a newish food subscription box. The cost is $13 a month and you’ll be introduced to both new and familiar tastes!

Since giving up on Love With Food (I just don’t like the snacks included. There are lots of repeats and they are BORING repeats) I’ve been looking for a cheap food subscription to fill it’s place. I found out about this box through various blogs, so I thought I’d subscribe!


For the month of March, Something Snacks was having a contest. If you found a “pot of gold” it means you’re a winner. I found this and was super excited! :O I didn’t actually think I’d win something. I instantly posted on Instagram (papperdellex) and was told I’m 2nd place, but I honestly don’t know how they are matching up the prizes? If I don’t get an email from them soon, I’ll probably be annoying and email them. :p

Nunes Farm Fancy Nuts – Roasted Salted Pistachios! – Yum, these look good! I will have to eat them before friday, because I am starting a dental work adventure starting friday. :/

something snacks 2Inka Chips – Plantain Chips – I LOVE PLANTAIN CHIPS! I just never buy them. So, I’m super happy to get these! I haven’t tried them yet, but I plan to eat them all tomorrow. I know that once I start eating them, I won’t be able to stop.

Burts British Hand Cooked Potato Chips Sea salt & malted vinegar – These look interesting! These are an imported potato chip. I always look forward to trying imported products!

sea veggies and crispy fruitBoth of these bags are already empty!

Crispy Fruit – tangerine – I never thought of freeze drying tangerines, and this is GENIUS! I loved these so. freaking. much. I just can’t describe them. They’re good. So good I might buy a dehydrator so I can freeze dry some tangerines.

Sea Veggies – These are roasted seaweed sheets. I love roasted seaweed, so I was happy to eat them. It’s only 35 calories a bag, so it felt healthy!

cookiesThe last items in the box! Be-Bop Biscotti Grasshopper mint and some dipped shortbread cookies! Both of these items are amazing. I ate the Biscotti for breakfast. My husband took the cookies. It was a fair trade.

Overall, this was an awesome box~ I am looking forward to my free months for winning. I hope they contact me soon about that! In any case, I do recommend this box, because the snack assortment is fantastic! This is quickly becoming my favorite subscription, and this is after my first box!


One thought on “Something Snacks March 2015 Review and box content spoilers

  1. kah628 March 18, 2015 / 1:46 am

    This seems like a great subscription. I recently just gave up Love with Food as well. I am getting bored with what they’re offering. Like you said there will always be repeat items like the caramel or truffles. Blah! Thanks for sharing! Come check me out at


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