Elis Japan Sailor Moon Pads (Sanitary Napkins) unboxing!

Sailor Moon ultra thin and overnight!
Sailor Moon ultra thin and overnight!

Japan has a lot of crazy stuff, including these Sailor Moon pads. When I saw them on JBox, I immediately bought them, because yeah, I wanted the power of the moon to protect my uterus.

There are several varieties of these, and even some tampons, but I decided to just pick up some overnights and regular.


The overnight pads come in a gigantic package. Each pad is 36cm in length, so they’re kinda huge. There are 14 pads per package.

sailor moon overnight 2

The back of the box shows some pictures and the design!

Sailor Moon overnight pads
Sailor Moon overnight pads

Isn’t it cute? I never thought I’d say that about a pad, haha.

Daytime Sailor Moon pads
Daytime Sailor Moon pads

The daytime pads come in a much smaller package. There are 21 pads in the package, and they have wings! That’s important.

ultra thin sailor moon padsAnd these are also super cute! *____* Each one is 24cm in length!

So, there you have it, Sailor Moon pads~ You probably feel like you’ve seen everything now. XD

A few notes to end the post:

  • These are SUPER SOFT. So much softer than American pads.
  • The overnight are LONG. If you have trouble at night, you might want to look into getting some of these just because they cover everything.

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