Elis Japan Sailor Moon Pads (Sanitary Napkins) unboxing!

Sailor Moon ultra thin and overnight!
Sailor Moon ultra thin and overnight!

Japan has a lot of crazy stuff, including these Sailor Moon pads. When I saw them on JBox, I immediately bought them, because yeah, I wanted the power of the moon to protect my uterus.

There are several varieties of these, and even some tampons, but I decided to just pick up some overnights and regular.


The overnight pads come in a gigantic package. Each pad is 36cm in length, so they’re kinda huge. There are 14 pads per package.

sailor moon overnight 2

The back of the box shows some pictures and the design!

Sailor Moon overnight pads
Sailor Moon overnight pads

Isn’t it cute? I never thought I’d say that about a pad, haha.

Daytime Sailor Moon pads
Daytime Sailor Moon pads

The daytime pads come in a much smaller package. There are 21 pads in the package, and they have wings! That’s important.

ultra thin sailor moon padsAnd these are also super cute! *____* Each one is 24cm in length!

So, there you have it, Sailor Moon pads~ You probably feel like you’ve seen everything now. XD

A few notes to end the post:

  • These are SUPER SOFT. So much softer than American pads.
  • The overnight are LONG. If you have trouble at night, you might want to look into getting some of these just because they cover everything.

Oishii Box February 2015 Review

Oishii Box Opened
Oishii Box Opened

Oishii Box is a Japanese snack subscription box. According to old estimates, it was $12 per month, but the price has raised to $14.99 per month, which is what I paid for this box. I have been buying Japanese candies online since I was 10, and at 28, that means I’ve been in niche for almost two decades (much old). It takes a lot to impress me, and sadly, I couldn’t recommend this box to somewhat like myself. But I would recommend it to someone new to the Japanese snack world!

marukawa grape bubble gumFour Tirol Chocolates – two Biscuit milk chocolate and two strawberry jelly – Tirol are a really interesting brand of chocolates, but sadly, included here are some of the less interesting ones. Tirol releases all kinds of crazy flavors in Japan, some of which you can see here @ Napa Japan. I’ve always found this brand of chocolate to be bland, even with the interesting flavors.

Marukawa Gum – These gums are super cheap and come in jumbo packs, so I wasn’t too excited to see them. I think when someone firsts delves in the world of Japanese candy, they’ll probably try these. They’re not great. The flavors are kinda good, but they’re like any generic gumball machine gum. They quickly get old.

sushi gummy kitMeiji Sushi Gummy Kit – These can be bought at Asian Food Grocer pretty cheap (actually, I think everything in this box was sourced from AFG because there were AFG stickers on the back of some of the products.) The gummies are pretty tasty and have good flavors. It isn’t nearly as much fun as the package makes it look.

Flower Kiss Candy – I got four candies from a larger bag. Not very exciting! These are lightly sweet candies. I guess they’re suppose to have some floral undertone in them, but I have never tasted the flower in them.

yan yan chocolate hazelnutOrchids Party Cracker Mix – I’ve had these before, and they’re quite good! In fact, I am eating them right now. :p It’s a small bag, so I don’t feel bad about eating them! If you like rice crackers, you’d like these!

Yan Yan Chocolate Hazelnut – Yan Yan is another snack I think most Japanophiles have had, though they aren’t a product of Japan, but rather Singapore. These are little breadsticks you dip in a chocolate sauce. I like them a lot and have bought them many times in the past. The hazelnut stuff kinda tastes like Nutella, but not quite as good. I’d rather buy the Nutella dipper packs! :p


My favorite part of the entire box was… the outer box. Yeah, the snacks weren’t exciting, and I couldn’t really recommend this box to someone who buys Japanese snacks all the time. It’s not as exciting as a box directly sourced from Japan, because I’m pretty sure anyone interested in Japanese candy has probably had all this stuff before.

I won’t complain about value with this box because I think it is about discovery, but I’ve discovered all this stuff on my own long, long ago. If you’re someone located in the US who hasn’t really been buying Japanese snacks for decades, then yes, go for it! But if you’re someone like me who spends probably $100 a month on Japanese candy imported straight from Japan, you might want to avoid it because you’ve had it all before.

Of course, this is my opinion just off one box. Who knows – maybe next month will be better. I do like all the snacks included, expect for the gum; I really wish they’d skip that.

One thing to keep in mind – everything from this box can be found at AsianFoodGrocer for less money.

Kit Kat mini – Sakura Green Tea – review

Sakura Green Tea Kit Kat Bar
Sakura Green Tea Kit Kat Bar

Japan has a lot of Kit Kat bars, and unlucky for me, I’m obsessed with them all so I tend to buy them if I see them. This one was purchased from Candysan. The price I paid was $1.85, not including shipping.

sakura green tea kit kat bar 2The product comes in a box and inside are three individually wrapped Kit Kat Bars. The pink wrapping is totally adorable!

sakura green tea kit kat bar 4I also love the coloring of the actual bar. They’re super bright green! :O

Of course, the most important thing is taste, and these are terrific. The green tea flavor isn’t as strong as the original green tea Kit Kats, but it is there. It mostly just has a very sweet, white choclateish flavor, with a green tea undernote. I didn’t taste any “sakura” in it, but that could just be because I don’t know what sakura tastes like. xD But I didn’t detect anything but sugar, chocolate, and green tea. So, I dunno. They were good, though! But not as addictive as the original green tea ones.

Overall, I’d rate these probably a 7/10. Addictive, yes, but not as addictive as other ones! I would recommend buying them if they’re cheap, though, because they’re still really delicious.

disclaimer: this post does contain a referral link. I’d appreciate if you would use it if you decide to buy from Candysan! I paid for this item with my own money.