Kit Kat mini – Sakura Green Tea – review

Sakura Green Tea Kit Kat Bar
Sakura Green Tea Kit Kat Bar

Japan has a lot of Kit Kat bars, and unlucky for me, I’m obsessed with them all so I tend to buy them if I see them. This one was purchased from Candysan. The price I paid was $1.85, not including shipping.

sakura green tea kit kat bar 2The product comes in a box and inside are three individually wrapped Kit Kat Bars. The pink wrapping is totally adorable!

sakura green tea kit kat bar 4I also love the coloring of the actual bar. They’re super bright green! :O

Of course, the most important thing is taste, and these are terrific. The green tea flavor isn’t as strong as the original green tea Kit Kats, but it is there. It mostly just has a very sweet, white choclateish flavor, with a green tea undernote. I didn’t taste any “sakura” in it, but that could just be because I don’t know what sakura tastes like. xD But I didn’t detect anything but sugar, chocolate, and green tea. So, I dunno. They were good, though! But not as addictive as the original green tea ones.

Overall, I’d rate these probably a 7/10. Addictive, yes, but not as addictive as other ones! I would recommend buying them if they’re cheap, though, because they’re still really delicious.

disclaimer: this post does contain a referral link. I’d appreciate if you would use it if you decide to buy from Candysan! I paid for this item with my own money.